An Autumn Walk

Through Berlin

This is a timelapse video I shot in Berlin, Germany in September 2010 with my Canon EOS 7D, featuring many famous places and sights, some of them no longer visible like this...

The stylised colour-grading was done in Adobe Lightroom on the individual frames and then further refined in Adobe After Effects.

The Music was created in Bitwig Studio and mastered in Presonus Studio One, using AAS String Studio 2, Native Instruments Reaktor 6 Blocks and u-he Zebra HZ.

Best viewed in fullscreen mode. (137 MB)

If the above video doesn't play correctly on your device or the file is too big, there also is a version on Vimeo: An autumn Walk

The individual frames were shot as still images using a battery grip with integrated timer with a two second interval.

In this case I shot as full res JPG since RAW would have been too large to hold all the data on my available CF cards.


Berlin Hauptbahnhof 2010